Valentine's Day Celebration

By: Paloma Aldana Hermosa.

Decimo A               


Students from 10th grade made a Jeans day in order to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day.

Making this activity was a good opportunity for all of us to learn how to sell things  such as  food or balloons, and how to make and organize some activities.


Everybody in the school participate in this day by buying balloons, food (desserts, pop corn, waffles, chocolates) playing in the Game corner, releasing energy in ”Valentine sucks”, and some other activities.


10th students, as a leaders, prepared a dancing time to enjoy and have fun with our younger students. By other hand, the students of 10th grade did their best to get involve some students into the English environment; music, messages, instructions, all of them were made in this language.


The money collected by the students is part of a big 10th grade goals: SAVING MONEY. They are doing all these activities because as 10th they have activities in charge, and they also do it because of all the stuffs they will have to afford next year. This is one of the best things that CES school teaches, and that is to be an entrepreneur person. 


I asked some students about their opinions of this activity and they say that they really like what students made with the san Valentines day. 

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