The hidden side of Ces staff

By:  Jacobo Díaz



The text which you, my dear reader, are about to read, consist in the interview of one member of the Ces school staff. The questions asked had the intention of discover things about this person, which might not be known among the students, and even, the teachers.


Before starting, you must know why I, an unknown reporter, chose this unique person. It was after a series of problems I had with my responsibility, apparently we went on a break for a while, but then, a divine voice told me to interview this person, and to write about her, with the intention of sending the rare things I discovered to you.

You are probably wondering about this mysterious person, well, stop asking, the name is : Carolina Rodríguez! One of the psychologist of the school. Her story begins 31 years ago, when she was born in Neiva, Huila. When she was a kid, the school was the main thing in her life, as she was an excellent student. Carolina was not an outgoing girl, but she had her few good friends. She was close to become a high-performance swimmer while she was finishing the school.


As she entered to the university Surcolombiana, she chose Psychology as a career, because she found interesting the study of the human behavior. She never changed as an outgoing person, but her skills at socializing were improving so much more.


Now, Carolina is 31 years old, has a brother and a sister, and is a mom of a little boy; taking care of him is one of her favorite hobbies. She has only been one time outside of the country, and expects to travel a lot more in the future. She is currently trying to obtain a master’s degree in education and become a better person.


That’s all the information available about Carolina Rodríguez, I hope that with this, you know her better.


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