CES Oldest teacher biography

He was born in Villavicencio on December 17th in 1954. He studied his high school in the Escuela Normal of Villavicencio.


All his studies have been accomplished in his hometown. He started his teacher career as a primary school teacher in a small town, but thanks to a mistake with another person who had his last name, he was transferred to Villavicencio. When he got 2 years as a teacher, Edgar decided to continue his studies and entered to the University of the Llanos in 1978. He ended this career and thanks to his sister’s friend, he obtained a position as a High school teacher in Restrepo, where he worked for 5 years.


He came to our school thanks to his cousin Fabio Fuentes in 1990, who told him that Espiritu Santo school needed an experienced teacher because they were going to increase the High school and they were going to graduate their first promotion. Edgar was one of the teachers who oversaw graduating the first prom of the school.


In 1993, due to a better job offer, Edgar left the school and for a whole year he worked in another institution. He came back a year ago, and worked until 1999. That year, a new opportunity came up, and Cuintaco left the school again. He works in that other school for about 4 years.  One more time, Mr Cuintaco was in our CES house. 


During those years, Edgar and his brother decided to work in the part of the agriculture. Time later, in a casual meeting, Cuintaco met his cousin Fabio and they talked about what they were doing and so, his cousin realized Cuintaco needed to come back to classrooms. Fabio called Doña Paula and Edgar came back to the school. This time has been his longest period in CES house. 


Edgar is still in love with our school. He considers our school as his family; he loves looking how the students who come back to the school are now professionals. He is happy because he contributed or helped them to become better people, citizen for the  society in our country.

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