Helena Maria Cruz García Interview

By:  Nicolas Segura


Elena Maria Luz Garcia is a teacher who works in CES. She works with the Elementary group of 3rd A. Mrs. Garcia is a nice and kind teacher that loves her kids, but do you know what this nice lady do after leaving school? Well, I’ll tell you.


Mrs. Elena is a person that really cares about people, she is really into the religious topic, and to give the people in need a bit of her by helping them with clothes, food, hygiene and lot of stuffs like that. She is from a religious group called Emaus (Catholic group that is all over the world) where she offers help to those who are  in need. She also helps people to give the step into the religious way, to find God to solve their problems.


Once a week, she gathers some food to cross by all the city to give the homeless people something to eat while they are fighting in the streets in order to find food and a good place to spend the night. She also belongs to a group to help the elder people that are in the streets by checking if they’re healthy, with no dental problems, by giving them new clothes to put on. She even, gives them a shower so they at least can be clean to reduce the diseases in their body. Cutting their hair is another way how they are sure they don’t have fleas or some weird stuff over them.


It means, she is a person who lives for others, but Mrs. Elena is also a great mother. When she returns from her shift in the school, she has her moment with her kids. She has three wonderful children, a little boy called Daniel who is 5 years old, a young lady who is 11 years old, and the oldest girl who is 18 years old. Mrs. Elena has to assist and take care of her kids, she must check if they have to do homework, or if they have any project. She also has to cook dinner for them. But, this couldn´t be possible without her older daughter. She is her right hand. Mrs. Elena says that her older daughter is a blessing because without her she will have to do the double of the stuff while she is at home.


This interview gives me a conclusion: Teachers in our school don’t leave the school and go to parties or to have fun. They have their families and they are in charge to take care of them, some of them spend the night long because he or she was checking the homework you delivered that day or maybe by making the next week’s homework, or planning the academic schedule of their class, you might not know; but because of that, you must show respect and be polite with them because they are working hard for you and the school and Mrs. Elena is a good example.

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