Carlos Arias Interview

By: Natalia Peréz Silva 


Carlos Arias is High school´s Social studies teacher and he's also 11th homeroom teacher. Mr Arias leaves the school at 5 o’clock and immediately goes home.  There, he rests for a while after a tough day. He takes his dog out for a walk.  Sometimes he goes jogging or to the gym. Very in the night, he seats and enjoys his few hours by reading one or two books. At the end of the day,  he loves sitting with his lovely wife and they both enjoy a coffee or a couple of beers.


When he was 16, he used to help people by offering bread and chocolate to the homeless populations in Manizales. He says Villavicencio is the place where his life changed, because Manizales is not a place where people could work of find a job easly, so that’s why he ended up in Villavicencio.


He has two pets a cat and a dog. He lives in cohabitating relationship with his wife and he enjoys it. He prefers a good coffee chatting to than going out to parties. He loves salsa music and he really likes burgers.




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