The life behind of our teachers. Luis Alfredo Fuentes

By:  Juan Felipe González


Luis Alfredo Fuentes has a degree in Social Sciences from UIS , Universidad Industrial de Santander, top of Colombian universities.  He was born in Bucaramanga. Everyday we see him as "Lufu, his nickname, our of social studies teacher" but what we do not know is behind this teacher, there is a great person, with many qualities, culture, knowledge and virtues.


Luis Alfredo is a historian, a passionate reader, he loves literature, writing poetry and nature. He also owns a hostel where he lodges travelers from all over the world. Luis Alfredo likes travelling but because of his profession, he has not been able to travel as much as he has wanted. However, having his hostel, has given him a chance to learn from other countries due to his guests.


His favorite music is rock, reggae and ska. Innovation for him is something very attractive and every project that comes out of the ordinary. Thanks to his a experience in languages, geography, and trips, he decided to organize touristic plans and events of cultural exchange in his hostel.


By other hand, he also has a corporation with his father. Their corporation is based on rescuing traditional gastronomy from Santander (his native state) its name is Guatiguará.


Luis Alfredo also enjoys theatrical arts and acting, being a theater actor and making experimental film shorts in Bucaramanga. We can also say that "Lufu" knows more than 25 countries traveling as a backpacker ! Amazing!


If you want to know more about this amazing teacher you can visit his web pages, and in booking you can find in .es.html

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