Rocio Pineda Apolinar

My name is Rocio Pineda Apolinar. I was born in Villavicencio. I started my work at Espiritu Santo School on February 19th 2008.  

I live with my husband and my son. 

I work as an accountant here, so far. 

My main tasks are to be in charge of all the personal, financial calculations through the elaboration of financial statements, pay sheet, portfolio and ensure that every process is made according to the accounting general policies. 

In 2015 I was promoted to manage the portfolio´s and purchasing´s department.


The portfolio department has the purpose to guarantee each payment is made at the required moment to maintain an appropriate cash flow for the school and its operation. Besides, a big task is try to accomplish and to assure that every buyout is acceptable in quality, punctuality and with the best prices.


If you have any question it would be a pleasure to answer it.


As you have already noticed I’m responsible and serious person according to the charge in which I perform.


Over all I can give you a high responsibility prospect.


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