The other side of our teacher Ayda Celina

By:  Paula Martínez Molina


The other side of our teacher Ayda Celina:


As we know,  Ayda Celina teaches Philosophy in our school ( Colegio Bilingüe Espíritu Santo), but Miss Ayda has a hidden side…DO YOU WANT TO KNOW IT ?


Miss Ayda teaches Spanish to foreign people. This is awesome, isn’t it? I mean, it is a great opportunity for the foreigners to come to Colombia.


Ayda also teaches body expression classes , theatre and dance. That is extremely cool.


Miss Ayda is a kind of “De Todito”. But , seriously, how does she have time for everything?  If you think being a teacher of our School is tough, you should think about her, she seems to have time for all these activities.


Oh, there is another thing.  By working with her friends, She helps women who need help and motivation in their lives, and this  is not like: “hey God bless you”, No, this activity takes time and dedication. This is such an amazing work.

Finally,  she's part of a research group for the Nacional association Cimarron.


I couldn’t forget mention, she is also the manager of a  poetry club. As you can read, Our teachers go beyond our classroom and they have an active life out the school, Miss Ayda is the best example. 

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    Ivan Reina (miércoles, 19 abril 2017 23:29)

    That well have the fortune to have such a special teacher, with so many facets and with that charisma to serve the others.