Interview to Patricia- Academic director

By:  Daniela Silva


Our school has a new Academic director, her name is Patricia Acevedo. Our task was to ask Mrs Acevedo what her planes are for the school this year. She has many ideas and hopes to achieve them all. We are going to give you a brief summary of her ideas and what some parents think about them.


As I already mentioned,  she has a lot of ideas for the school, very good ideas; for example, she wants to make a teachers launch, this is a room where  teachers hang out when they are taking a break or when they are checking and grading exams and homeworks, that’s for the teachers. For the students in Preschool and Elementary,  she is going to implement a new program called “programa letras” which is a program to help the reading and writing processes for kids in Spanish language. For elementary, she is also going to implement the ABC platform. This platform is great because the kids will learn while they are playing and competing with their classmates.


She is also going to open the doors for students who want to do all kind of sports, not only soccer and basketball but also, baseball, tennis, music, swimming etc. She really wants to make the school more bilingual. She will do this by putting more English classes. It already started to make a difference because the grades 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th went from having 4 hours of English a week to 7 hours. Finally, she wants to do a Cambridge test for almost all the grades from 5th to 11th to assess the English process and how to improve it. 


I also interviewed two parents to see what they think about the new CES Academic Director´s planes has for the school. They think she is going to do a great job and make a difference to the school because she is implementing all kind of great things and has an idea of what she is doing.


Thanks Mrs. Acevedo for being part of our staff. 

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