How does the CES library work?

By:  Andres Villota.


We all need the school library for several reasons, either you need to go to the nursery or you need a calm and quiet place to study and do your home works. But do you really know how the library works?


The library is a open place 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) from 7 am to 5 pm. The person who manages the library is Yulieth, our nurse. At the moment, the number of books is unknown because the stock hasn’t been done for a while but,  there are a lot of texts, including magazines about Science and Economy, English books and the best Colombian writers and foreign literature.


Besides having the library service, there is a nursery place as well. If you feel sick you can visit it and be checked by the nurse, then she will give you a delicious hot aromatic beverage, for sure,  you´ll feel better.


If you have forgotten to print something important like a guide or a homework, here you can make  copies for a reasonable price of $100 each page. 


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