ONU model

By:  Jorge Alejandro Bohorquez


Teacher: Cristian André Rojas

Homeroom teacher 8th B

Topic: ONU model

Organizer: New Cambridge School, Floridablanca.

Place: Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana  in Bucaramanga


The activity is about a group of students (carefully chosen because of their English fluency and speech skills) which will be in charge of an specific country. They will speak about this region, its problems, possible solutions, and they must identify themselves with it.


In order to develop a great speech, our students must know about politics, economy, and society of their chosen country. Therefore, these last weeks the group has been working hard, studying and reading about their countries. In this process, Mr Rojas has spent hours advising our delegates in this event. Cristian has worked as city councilman in his hometown, so, his wide background and his previous involvement in these kinds of activities, gives students a huge backup and support.


This kind of experiences helps our students to know about the problems of different countries in the world. Furthermore, it can help them to enhance their knowledge for future experiences and their professional development. In conclusion, this is a huge door to get involved in a real-world context and develop their way of knowing. 

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