Alexis Zabala, Elementary Principal

By:  Juan Matero Pérez


This interview made to Alexis Zabala, Elementary Principal, pretends to get close to Mr Zavala and his life.


-Alexis where are you from?

- I’m from Villavicencio


When were you born?

- May, the 15th in 1984


What is your profession?

-I have a degree in Mathematics and Physics from Universidad de los Llanos


 What is currently your role in the school?

-In this moment I’m the Principal of the Elementary in CES school


Do you have any hobby or extra activity?

-Of course, Music is my hobby


What do you do in music?

-I like playing the guitar and another instruments. I also like singing, and we have a friends group of musician; we gather sometimes to talk but, most of the times we play in parties, reunions, celebrations.


What is the name of that group?

Saman tree. We have played in many parties and it also has helped me financially.


How often do you practice with the group?

I practice alone on Mondays and Fridays nights and with the group on Thursdays nights


Is there another hobby?

I love watching movies, usually during nights in which I don’t have any work to do

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