Elementary Academic Project 2017

By:  Juan Sebastián Fino


Elementary Principal: Alexis Zabala.


We were talking to Alexis Zabala, Elementary Principal. Here , we have some details about our interview.


Mister Zavala mentioned some things from 2016 which will be better for 2017 . One example of these changes is the timetable of High School. In fact, High school finishes classes at 4 pm. According to Alexis Zavala, teachers must have classes with  students at least from 2  to 3 hours weekly.


Besides, Alexis wants to promote a campaign that consists in the reforestation and libraries. The objective of reforestation is going to be released with “Ciudad Educadora”, because the prior objective is to reforest “Ciudad Educadora”. Libraries is another objective which helps with reading and writing processes. 

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