Discussing about the peace



During the last two months the students of Elementary took part in preparatory workshops managed by the Agencia Colombiana para la Reintegracion ACR, where the kids wondered about the Peace and Reconciliation by the creation of tales and drawings.  Then,  they prepared reports and artistic works about the peace.


The morning of September 29th in the auditory of the CASD was the stage for the development of the “Conversatorio sobre la Paz” where the kids had the possibility of express their opinions about the importance of the peace in the home, the school and the country.


Some students exposed their reports about the peace and answered the questions made by the public from another schools of the city. The parents also took part in the production of the event and the presentation of reports.


In addition, with the reports, the talk had a magic show and the presentation of a theatre play and a dance that offered different points about the conflicts and peace.


The event finished with a great recognition of the Headmistress and the assistants of the teacher Ayda Celina Ruiz for the creation and the management of this event that motived the reflection and the critical thinking of the students.

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