Interview to Efrén Torres Luque

By:  Juan Andrés Guzman


¿What inspired you to come to work in this school?


It is a well-recognized school nationally, not only in academics, also get good results to the students in the course that they have once they leave school, and the environment in which it is located.


¿How do you seem this school? 


It has a dynamic and a very warm environment, in addition that has a great future because the projection and purposes that can be establish, there is a good strategy and a mentality open in terms of accepting new challenges of innovation.


¿Which is the difference between been coordinator and been teacher?


There is a great difference, because been the coordination you must have a strategy from day to day, even though there is an annual timeline of all activities there are days where appear eventualities that we must take care of last moment, for this you should have more clarity and give an answer quickly for each circumstances.


¿In your opinion, is better be teacher or coordinator?


With this year, it would be my sixth year in the exercise of coordination, but I always tries to have some hours of class, because that allows me to have contact with the students, know which are their interests, their concerns and how get on at academic level, also allow me from the coordination understand a little the needs and questions through students are crossing.

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