Forum: Post conflict, Liberty, Order and Justice

By:  Juan Paablo Torres


On September 29th,  in the CASD, was held the first forum: Post conflict, Liberty, Order and Justice, with the participation of High School CES and other School’s delegations from Villavicencio.


The forum began with the presentation of the Paz project made by the students of Javeriana and Sergio Arboleda universities.


Then, they carried out to a conversation with Domopaz foundation delegates. They explained five points about the PAZ agreement between FARC and the Colombian government.


The use of the Kahoot app made the explanation more interactive and in a real time, keeping the attention of all students, who participated by making questions and giving their opinions.


The forum presented to the students a broad, objective and highlighted view about the Paz agreement in order students  could reflect and wonder about the present context in Colombian History.

CES congratulates the work of the students who were in charge of the Forum. 

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