Immersion Programme 2015 

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    Melba Lucía Moreno V. (martes, 13 octubre 2015 14:00)

    Dear Johanna and CES students in Canada 2015,
    I am very deligthed to hear you all had a safe arrival in Prince George, British Columbia and received such a warmth, joyful and caring welcome from all the staff of Shecana Academy of Learning and host families.
    Enjoy the beauty, peace and kindness of PG and its Canadian citizens who embrace you with open arms and love. You are all excellent Colombian ambassadors and dear CES students, writing your own story of this intercultural and educational exchange experience you just start.
    May God bless you throughout this two-month journey and bring you safe home into the arms of your beloved parents and the school who loves you!.
    Cheers and Hugs,
    Ms Melba Moreno

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    Johanna Pabon (martes, 13 octubre 2015 18:24)

    Thanks a lot Melbita for your beautiful words and blessings. Our students are doing such a great performance so far. Of course they miss homebut here thanks God , they have great host families and an amazing group of teachers looking after them.
    Big hugs from Canada.