Welcome to 2014!

We welcome our students and parents to a new year full of great activities and programs to support our bilingual education program.


This year we will have the following extra-curricular activities and programs to support the English language development of the students:


English Support Program: Classes to support new students with low English language skills. This program will be conducted twice a week during the academic year. It will provide specific assistance with reading, writing, listening and speaking skills to ensure students are able to fulfill their academic obligations throughout the year.


English Immersion Program: This program will run during the mid year and end of the year holidays and will provide the students with a total immersion experience in English.



Cultural activities: The school will also run activities to foster and encourage oral communication skills and showcase our bilingual education. These include Show and Tell, cultural projects and environmental activities.


Movie Club: Our school will continue to screen movies in English and invite students from all grades to participate in this activity and join the discussion groups.




Book Club: The students will be participating in the Book Club project and the texts used for this program will be available on the platform.


Writer´s Corner: This project will publish in the website the stories, poems and compositions by our students from grades 3 to grade 11.


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