Immersion school

Creativity and Fun at the English Immersion Camp


First graders have enjoyed different types of activities in their immersion program. Their English experience has been enriched trough activities like field trips to local areas, art workshops and cooking lessons.


Visiting Los Ocarros was a great experience to learn more about animals: their environment, habits and   characteristics.


In order to know more about local art crafts made by young artisans, first graders went to Los Fundadores Park. It was also a good opportunity to connect to Christmas around the large Nativity set.

And as children love painting, La Pineja was a wonderful place to paint Christmas trees and talk about colours and presents!

To end the week, what a better way to celebrate than having a cake! All kids gathered to bake a traditional cake. Each of them had the chance to participate in all the stages of the preparation and be delighted with a yummy piece of cake!

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